Study medicine at TUM as an exchange student

General Information for exchange students

General Information for Exchange Students
How to apply, what are the requirements for coming to TUM for an exchange stay? what do I need to do beforehand, after my arrival, and before I leave?

Term Dates

Term Dates

Welcome meeting winterterm 23/24 (Including campus tour by our Erasmus team afterwards):
Sure you will have questions regarding the process of courses, your schedule, meditum or campus life, so please come to our Welcome Meeting on October 16th (first day of lecture time), 3:30 p.m. (15:30) at LUTZ/TUM Medical Education Center, Nigerstr. 3 (1st floor, Vortragsraum). Please try to participate in any case, because you will get useful information there.

General Schedules

General schedules

Helps you to find suitable courses and to prepare your Learning Agreement or Study Plan. The general schedules usually don´t change, so you can take the schedules of the current and last term for orientation.

Overview of all courses and ECTS

Further information to prepare your LA:

Responsible Person for your

Learning agreement, courses, course registration, confirmation of arrival/stay*, transcript of records**:

Martina Seifert
Coordination Erasmus Incoming students

* Confirmation of stay: Please note that the end of stay is the end of your academic performance!!! (e.g. if your scholarhip is until September 30th, but your last academic performance is July 16th, we can only confirm July 16th!)

** optional internships have to be organized by the students and are not recorded in your final transcripts (there´re also no ECTS), you will receive a separate confirmation of the department/clinic

Required documents (after application procedure has finished and you are accepted at TUM)

Medical students have to send three additional documents before they can be booked into lectures, seminars and/or internships:

1. Copy of the matriculation document of their home university
2. Medical certificate (see file below)
3. Certificate of Malpractice Insurance (= professional indemnity insurance)
--> The insurance must include not only civil liability, but all activities you perform in the clinic (= professional indemnity insurance). Accidents should be covered that might occur while performing your student activities on campus (clinical electives/courses/including observerships). It is of utmost importance that incoming students are insured in the event of a lawsuit. Exception: your university offers this kind of malpractice insurance. If not, we can send you the contacts of insurances who offer short time contracts for incoming students.

These three documents have to be sent by e-mail to, no later than 4 weeks before the start of term. Please understand that you will not receive your schedule and cannot start your courses, before we have received these documents!

Language skills

you should have a good command of the German language, since lectures and courses are exclusively held in German. Language level B1 is required (and is necessary for the application, the certificate can be issued by your home university or by a language school. Self-assessment tests without signature of the home university cannot be accepted ), so students with B1 will be accepted, but not all courses are open for them to participate.

The following courses can be attended only with B2 and higher:

Blockpraktikum Chirurgie (2-weeks-fulltime internship surgery with OSCE at the end)

Blockpraktikum Innere (1-week-fulltime internship internal medicine with OSCE at the end)

Blockpraktikum Gynäkologie (1-week-fulltime internship gynecology with OSCE at the end)

Blockpraktikum Pädiatrie (1-week-fulltime internship pediatrics with oral exam at the end)

Ärztliche Gesprächsführung, 1 (Communication skills 1)

Seminar Psychosomatik + Ärztliche Gesprächsführung 2 (Seminar Psychosomatic Medicine and Communication Skills 2)

Seminar Palliativmedizin (Seminar Palliative Care)

Praktikumstag Palliativmedizin und Ärztliche Gesprächsführung 3 (Internship day Palliative Care and Communications Skills 3)

Course registration

The complete course registration is handled by the Erasmus coordinator of the TUM School of Medicine (Martina Seifert), you don´t have to register yourself, this also includes the exams!
Plaese note: TUM School of Medicine does not use TUM Online, instead the entire course management is done through "meditum" (so you can´t find curricular medicine courses on TUM Online)


1-week internship pediatrics (Blockpraktikum Pädiatrie):
Requirement for attending the one-week-fulltime-internship pediatrics (“Blockpraktikum Pädiatrie”):
Proof of two-times - vaccination OR proof of Measles Titer >200 mIU/ml (pos. Titer) – irrespective of the date of birth.
You have to bring along your vaccination card at the first day of the internship !!!
Interdisciplinary Lecture 3:
There is no grade, only "passed" !!!
Clinical Chemistry, Laboratory Medicine:
Can´t be offered for Incoming students!
The bookings of the following elective courses are not open for incoming students due to low capacities:
Herzchirurgie (cardiac surgery)
Allergologie (allergology),
Anamnesegruppe (anamnesis group),
Gastrointestinale Endoskopie (gastrointestinal endoscopy),
Rheumatologie (rheumatology)
Molekulare Onkologie (molecular oncology)
Rechtsmedizin (Forensic Medicine)
But you can ask for remaining places one week before lecture time starts


Exams generally take place in the last weeks of lecture time.
You don´t have to register yourself, it is handled by your Erasmus coordinator

There are NO reexaminations in the same term!