Medical Internship at TUM

Applying for an Internship / Clinical Rotation at TUM School of Medicine through the Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Placements / Traineeships Program (Erasmus+ SMP Program, 8 weeks and more)

Internships / Clinical Rotations in one of our clinics / departments at the University Hopsital rechts der Isar can be completed within the ERASMUS+ SMP Program (P = Placement), provided that:
1.  your internship is scheduled for at least 2 months,
2.  the respective clinic / department has sufficient capacities to accept you for an internship / clinical rotation,
3.  you have a good command of the German language (at least level B1- proof has to be sent!!!). Classes and seminars at TUM School of Medicine are taught in German only! Moreover, you cannot expect patients or the nursing staff to speak English.
As a first step, students must contact the respective departments / clinics at University Hospital rechts der Isar to inquire, whether spots are availabe during their preferred time period. For that, please refer to the Contact dates of our teaching coordinators

Once, students have received the written consent of the clinic / department, they must send us the following documents ASAP (if possible, as one PDF document), via E-Mail to:
  1. Letter / E-Mail of Acceptance of the respective Clinic / Department
  2. Exact Time Period / Dates of your planned Internship / Clinical Rotation
  3. Letter of Motivation
  4. CV / Résumé with photo
  5. Erasmus+ Learning Agreement for Traineeships (for each clinical rotation): Students must fill in the Training Agreement form of their Home University, sign it and get it signed and stamped by the ERASMUS COORDINATOR of their Home University. For each clinical rotation, students have to fill in a separate Training Agreement, which needs to be signed also by a representative of the clinic / department, they'll complete their internship at. Once students have collected all Training Agreements signed by all parties, it´s possible to request one single Training Agreement of the Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator at TUM School of Medicine (Ms. Martina Seifert), which combines all rotations. (Please Note: You'll have to prepare this Training Agreement yourself!)
  6. Proof of Malpractice Insurance (= Professional Indemnity Insurance) for the period of the internship / clinical rotation, which protects students against claims for compensation relating to their work as a doctor/intern. If the home university doesn't offer such kind of insurance for its students, they can purchase sufficient insurance for the duration of their internship / clinical rotation also here in Germany. There are several insurance companies, which offer this kind of insurance, for example:
  7. Proof of general Health Insurance
  8. Certificate of Medical Examination, which must not be older than 4 weeks at the time of the beginning of the internship. For further information please refer to the document “Certificate of Medical Examination“, that students can download below. You will need to send us the completed form.
  9. Current Certificate of Enrollment of the home university

Internship students have the possibilty to enroll at TUM as Practical Project Students for one to three semesters (though it is not mandatory).

Internship without ERASMUS SMP program

Please contact the department of interest directly in order to inquire for internship possibilities. ( Please note that you should have a very good command of the German language, since it is indispensable for patient contact. Moreover you can´t expect the nursing staff to speak English