Medical Internship at TUM

Applying for an internship at TUM Faculty of Medicine through the Erasmus SMP program (8 weeks and more)

Internships in one of our departments within the ERASMUS program are possible, provided that:
1.  your internship is scheduled for at least 2 months,
2.  the department accepts you,
3.  you have a good command of the German language (at least B1- proof has to be sent!!!), since classes and seminars at TUM’s medical school are exclusively held in German;  moreover you cannot expect patients or the nursing staff to speak English.
Your first step would be to contact the departments / clinics and to check whether there will be a free slot in the requested period. Contactdates of the teaching coordinators

As soon as you have their written consent, please mail A.S.A.P. the following documents (if possible in PDF format) to


1.                  letter / mail of acceptance of the clinic / department
2.                  exact time schedule of your planned internship

3.                  letter of motivation

4.                  CV with photo

5.                  ERASMUS training agreement

You have to fill in the Training agreement form of your home university, sign it and have it signed and stamped by the ERASMUS COORDINATOR of your home university. Please have the Training agreement also signed by the coordinator of the department you will visit. In case your rotation includes several departments, you will need one Training agreement per department/subject. As soon as all confirmed Training agreements are on hand, it´s possible to receive a complete Training agreement by the Erasmus coordinator of the host university - if desired (Please note: you have to prepare it by yourself!)

6.                  proof of general health insurance

7.                  certificate of Malpractice Insurance (= professional indemnity insurance) for the period of your internship. If your university doesn't offer such insurance for its students, you will have to take out an insurance policy for the duration of your stay:
there are several insurance companies who offer this kind of insurance,

for example:

a) Ärztefinanz
about € 7,90 per month
contact: Annette Vorbauer
Service-Center München, Deutsche Ärzte Finanz
Tel.: +49 (0)89 / 28 72 98 47
Mobil: +49 (0)162/4369745

b) free of charge through membership in Hartmannbund (and Medilearn Club) :
Tel.: 030 – 206208-13

8. Certificate of medical examination which must not be older than one year (at the time of the beginning of the internship). For further information please see the document “Certificate of medical examination“ below. You will need to send us the completed form.

9. copy of the matriculation document of your home university

10. proof of complete Covid 19 vaccination

Internship students can be enrolled as practical project students for one to three semesters (OPTIONAL). More information you can find here:

Internship without ERASMUS SMP program

Please contact the department of interest directly in order to inquire for internship possibilities. Please note that you should have a very good command of the German language, since it is indispensable for patient contact. Moreover you can´t expect the nursing staff to speak English